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Rules for Operation Metro Battlefield 3.Battlefield 3

1* Spawn killing:

Do not attack the main bases!! Spawn killing / base raping is considered stat padding.
Explanation on the Spawn Area:

For the C flag:
Everything past the first room next to the flag area is considered main base!
This means everything including the hallways behind the first room.
See example below:
C flag area

For the A flag:
Everything starting from the street is considered main base.
This means people cannot go or kill on the streets.
However, when people are shooting out of spawn you can shoot back at the person shooting you.
See example below:
A flag area

2* Flagcap for A and C:

Do not capture the A or C flags till there are 5 people on each team.
That means 5 vs 5 or 10 people on the server.

3* Limits on Weapons:

Do not use the M320/GP30 or Rocket launchers.
M320/GP30 LVG with underslung is allowed.
Know that it is LVG/Smoke/Buck that is allowed.

Exceptions to this rule:
You can use these weapons only to destroy building walls.
However this means you are using this at your own risk.
Auto admin will kill you if you kill someone with it while destroying the building walls.

4* Limits on Usage:

You are allowed to use grenades and C4.
But please do not spam these as this gets very annoying.

5* Our main rule:

The final rule is to just have FUN FUN and FUN!! !! !!