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Rules for Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4

1* Spawn killing:

Do not attack the main bases!! Spawn killing / base raping is considered stat padding.
Deployments are OFF LIMIT for entering or killing! This includes locking on.

2* Ramming:

Do not use any air vehicle to ram other players or bailram your vehicle into people.
Playing fair is not something hard!

3* Stealing Vehicles in deployments:

Do not enter deployments to steal vehicles from the enemy!

4* Language and insults:

Be mature and polite!
This is a game and there is no need for insults.
Being called a hacker is not a real insult.
Racism is NOT tollerated and violates the Terms of Service of EA.

5* Our main rule:

The final rule is to just have FUN FUN and FUN!! !! !!