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Attacking castles


The more troops, the better.
The higher tier, the better.
Always keep lower tier troops around for menial tasks like gathering resources or a gnat attack.
Keep in mind, siege engines are ONLY for offense. If you want a defensive force, you can skimp on them initially, but you'll eventually want them for rallies and attacks.
It really is a game of rock/paper/scissors (assuming relatively equal strength).
Cavalry beat Infantry
Archers beat Cavalry
Infantry beat Archers
Siege beats walls
Everything (except walls) beat Siege
Walls beat everything (except siege)
An easy way to remember this is with the letters IRCI.
( Infantry vs Ranged vs Cavalry vs Infantry.)

  How to prepare for a battle (personal input)
Before attacking i make sure i'm safe when being counter attacked or if they cry in the world chat.
Before un-shielding and scouting someone i make sure i'm ready.
Check your gear/equipment, check your talent points and make sure you use anti scout.
If you have loads of troops you are safe ish from a solo attack.
But if you don't have a mass amount of troops you need to be prepared.
Have a good infirmary count so you can hold enough troops after an attack.
Next use a fake rally to hide the troops you don't use at the moment in your attack.
Use the shelter for your leader so it doesn't get taken.
Always be prepared for a counter attack.
Make sure you use the correct hero's.
Trickster, Dark Follower and Witch Doll are useless as they do not have any battle boosts.
Use a scroll to get a 20% attack boost and if you are rich use a scroll to increase army size.