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  Guild Fest  

There are a few rules of thumb:
You only get a limited number of tasks during the entire event based on your tier.
You can buy an additional task for 1000 gems
Try to only take on tasks you feel confident in completing
Certain quests string together well. If you're taking on a quest requiring speed ups (Solo/Hell quests), you can spend gems on speed ups to complete a Spend Gems quest prior to the Solo/Hell quest.
Take your time! You have a week to complete quests, so if none look easy, or you might be better prepared later, you have time.

Easy Quests

Spend Guild Coins - If you have enough to buy a relocator, those are 270k guild coins. so the 250k is simple. Save up your guild coins between guildfests and spend them!
Open Mystery Boxes - If you're online off and on through the day, or very active, you get a new one any time between 1 and 59 minutes to click (the chest in the lower right that gives you free stuff). The average time to complete a 40 box mystery quest is 17 hours and 52 minutes, but this can take up to a full 40 hours!
Colosseum Battles - There are two types of Colo quests: winning and ranking up. The ranking up one is relatively easy for anyone who's not a top cool player in their kingdom. The win number quest is more challenging. While the 5 and 10 battle quests can be done for free, the 20 and 25 battle quests both require gems being spent and aren't very cost effective for the relatively low point rewards.
Trading Ship - You get 4 offers every 6 hours. If you don't have the rss to complete one, just ask the guild, you'll get them.
VIP Quests - These can be easily completed if the number corresponds to your VIP level. The 2 and 3 VIP quests can be completed at any VIP level. 4 VIP quests can be completed at VIP level 4+ and 10 VIP quests can be completed at VIP level 9+
Supply Quests - These quests can be quickly completed by sending resources back and forth with the guild bank or a player near your castle. Preferably work with someone who has a maximized trading post to minimize resources lost to taxes.
Complete Hero Levels - A full energy level means 2 sweeps of regular will get you 20x levels completed.
Send help to your guildmates - If you typically max out your guild coins via clicking "help", you'll complete this almost by default. Alternatively, guild mates can 'quick build' for you by starting a low level resource building, cancelling the building once you've pressed the help button, and restarting the build repeatedly.
Admin Quest or Guild Quests - Use your admin and guild quest scrolls to quickly completed these quests! They give experience, resources, and materials to use in the forge as well as the occasional jewel drop! These quests are great for members who haven't yet reached level 60 (especially when combined with an experience boost).
Spend Gems - Save up your gems and spend them on building materials for your treasure trove, altar, prison, and battle hall! These materials are by FAR the most effective way to spend gems until those buildings are C25 and can be bought in 1k packs. Once you've maxed your gem buildings, consider investing in jewel boxes.

Gain Might Quests

Research sucks for lower might players, but can be a good option for higher might players who don't want to push for more challenging hell event quests. The best way to do these is to set up large researches in the monster hunt or military branches ahead of time so that you only have to speed them up towards the end during guild fest. In general though, we recommend avoiding these because hell quests give better points and rewards for the amount of speedups.
Buildings are tough unless you're going bonkers with rushing to upgrade your castle and can get it done in the time limit. If you can't upgrade your castle, infirmaries give the best time to might ratio and are the most effective use of your speedups on a building quest. They are, however, research intensive.
Hero Army - This is the most challenging increase might quest and I highly recommend it be deleted. If you do attempt this quest, the best way would be to save up enough brave hearts to increase the color grade of their heroes during guild fest. The Initial Hire of a Hero- 1,500 might. Gray to Green- 1,500 might. Green to Blue- 30,000 might. Blue to Purple- 200,000 might. Purple to Gold- 540,000 might. Free to play heros drop medals from elite hero stage levels at an average of 3.54 for every sweep of 10. This means it will cost approximately 93 bravehearts or 11,186 stamina to max a f2p hero from hire to gold.
Quests - These quests are only doable if you hang on to your turf quests between guildfests! If you're someone who doesn't cash in turf quests as soon as you get them, you might have enough. If you're the type who clicks them as soon as they come up, you'll never finish this.
Army - You will have to build troops in order to complete this quest. Healing wounded troops does not increase your army might!
Overall Might - If you time this with a long building/research + troops, it becomes simple. Otherwise, your best bet is building troops, so it will take a lot of speed ups and/or gems

Darknest Quests

These are typically among the easiest. There are 2 types:
Gain Essence - All you need is to either grab as low a level as you can nearly solo, or have someone in the guild who is willing to help you get higher level essence. Keep in mind, you can't gain essence if all 3 slots are full, so you'll have to delete some if it's more than 3 essence if you want to finish it quickly.
Defeat Darknest (leader only) - For most, L1s and L2s should be simple. Just make sure you have a few people online and you can rip through these very fast

Solo Quests

These are a lot easier than Hell Quests.
If you're going to be active during the time limit, they aren't bad.
You might need to use speed ups, but pay attention, since they only reset every 3 hours.
Wait to use speed ups until you need to. The higher the time remaining, the greater the time reduction from people clicking help

Hell Quests

Not for the faint of heart!!!
Unless you have 2+ months of speed ups, 50+k gems, and a lot of alcohol, 3x and higher are incredibly difficult without spending money
Pay attention to the hell quest before you start it.
Research is the easiest by far. You can request help, and use both types of speed ups.
Train Troops is ok, unless you have T4s but you'll burn far more of your regular speed ups. If you have T4s, you won't burn as many speedups, but you'll absolutely rip through resources faster than you can believe.
Buildings are the hardest, unless you have a 30 day build coming to an end, but even then, you might have to do more.
Monster hunting requires a LOT of energy in your backpack. You also need to get kills (i.e. attack an L2 monster is 60 points. killing is 660), so you'll have to get assistance from the guild. Guild mates taking L2 monsters down close enough for a fast kill. If you try to do it on your own, you'll probably wind up out of energy and still a long way from completing level 3 Hell.
Try to find one that has research and another item. The best ones are obviously Research/Train Troops/Building
Don't take on these on unless you're willing to put in the effort to finish it.
It may take up a large chunk of your day.
Hell Quests are easier for people who have not reached castle level 25 as they have lower point requirements. Please note that hell event requirements for castles 21-24 are the same!

Other Quests

Use Holy Stars - Just check what your inventory is and you can see if you have enough or not. It's typically wise to keep stashing them away until GuildFest.
When you've saved enough, you can take one of the bigger ones.
Not only does this allow you to finish the quest, it gives you a greater chance of running into the guardian and/or getting divine blessings.
In other words, free gems and more items.
If you can save up 25k gems, you will have at least 25 chances to get a guardian.
Hit Monsters - It will depend on your energy. Some prefer saving for hell quests just in case there is a Monster Hunt hell quest.
Buy packs - If you're wanting to spend, these can be a nice quest.