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Guild Showdown


All you need to prepare for Guild Showdown!
1. Talent points is set for War. Set up with accordance to your army Line up.
2. Use your Best War Equipment.
3. If you can afford it, use army boost +20% ATK or +20% DEF (must be active when you Register, the buff will still be active during the event even though its expired in your turf. As long as you Registered it when it was active)
4. Use your best Hero's. (Depends on army Lineup) Do not use Trickster, Witch Doll or Dark Follower.
5. Choose an Army Lineup (phalanx&wedges)
I would recommend having cavalry Line up in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions.
And Infantry or Range Lineup in the 4th, 5th, 6th and higher Divisions.
6. Do Not Send Siege. There will be No walls included during the showdown.

So send your best tier of troops. If you have Tier 3 troops then only use Tier 3 troops.
Never ever send siege into guild showdown.
If by any chance you would only have Tier 2 then only send Tier 2 without siege.
Never ever send Tier 1 troops.