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  Guild Rules and Rank 4 Rules  
  Guild Rules  
(check guild board and mail for updates & supplements):

1: Do not attack guilds: allied, stronger than us, or with strong allies.

2: Do not steal monsters from guilds mentioned in rule 1.

3: Only rally guilded castles when under attack and knowing it won’t unleash hell.

4: Try not to attack your guild mates in the colosseum.

5: Be polite and nice in both world and guild chat. Take any arguments private or talk to R4/R5.

6: Do not post co-ordinates in public areas, the guild board or world chat.

7: Check the details before joining a rally. Do not join fake rallies used to hide troops, which are always over 10 min and on a level 5 dark nest.

8: Do not completely fill a rally for a dark nest. Leave at least 2000 spots so people can join with 1 troop.

9: Everyone has to participate in important guild events like Guild fest or raids.

10: Contact R4/R5 if you have any conflicts with monsters or tiles. Do not handle them alone.

11: Do not leave resource tiles under 80K. Clean them completely.

12: Everyone needs to donate at least a million of each resource to the bank weekly if you want to use the bank when you need resources.

13: Everyone needs to kill at least 2 monsters per day so that the guild keeps growing.

14: SHELTER! You have to be sheltered 24 hours per day.

15: Every Sunday your rank will be reset. That means Leader taken once is demoted, twice is kick. If you get it taken and it does not get taken again till Sunday you are safe.

16: Being kicked means kicked from the family. Sorry but we need people that work for the team.

17: Be nice, have fun together and let’s be a strong team!

  Rank 4 Rules  
1: Always be polite, friendly and helpful even when irritated.

2: Warn people in a polite way. We are all people that make mistakes.

3: Punishments: First warning by mail with a demotion of 1 rank, next is a kick if player does not change.

4: Use the mod chat on wegamers as this is how we can discuss things privately.

5: Unite people, instruct, encourage, explain things and remind them.

6a: Be more active than others as you have a leading role and have to set a good example.

6b: This means clearing the quests on guild fest and so on as that is also the task of R4.

7: When a player gets kicked out for breaking the rules it means that player is not to be re invited. The only way a person can be welcome again is if R5 decides it is ok for that person to return.

8: Major changes like rule changes and so on will always be discussed with R5.

9: Show your best behavior as you represent the guild.

  Bank Rules  
1: Only people who make deposits can make withdrawls.

2: You can withdrawl any resource, not just what you deposited.

3:To make a withdrawl, you must send the bank a message. Do not use guild mail or ask in chat.

4: No excessive requests will be honored unless you deposited an excessive amount of the said resources.