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About Us

Welcome to the Gamers of Valor Community.

We started as the one and only Official Flying Angels Gaming Community!
Our community started in 2004 in offline lan games and leagues.
The community stopped participating in leagues at the end of 2008.
Since 2009 we went on into online gaming.
Starting members: GreatLeviathen (BE), Girl2Envy (CA), Spacegirl96 (US), LagunaDragon1963 (BE) and BlackDragon1964 (BE)
Our goal is to run game servers that aim for Fun and Fair gameplay.
To have a bunch of polite people hanging out together and have fun.
The year 2013 is the year for a change.
After 9 years we felt it was time for a new name.
That new name is Gamers of Valor.
Here are some games where you can find our members on:
Battlefield 2, 3 and 4, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Counter Strike, League of Legends, Diablo 3 and many more games.

Our new slogan: Fun is The Core Value !! !! © 2013-2017