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Head Founders

Called Kevin wanted to start a community to make Battlefield Fun.
He started the whole community from the server to the website.
He made this community for having fun, not skill level.
Where people can meet, play and become Friends.
He has been from hell and back defending his community and members from other clans/communitys, hackers,backstabing members, and problems with the server.
He is the main guy to go to when you have a problem with anything and every thing.
Even if you just need a friend to be there or to listen, he will be there for you.
But he is only human (not allien?), so give him a break too sometimes haha.
You have to go through him or Skyraider to have changes made to the community.
Also enjoys making banners for the website.
The website is now also fully designed and coded by him.

She was here when the community was started, she'll be here till she turns 90 lol.
She helped Great building up the old website and has ran it with him.
She also works to keep the server running and getting videos of our community and players on our server.
She is a young girl that is mature and loyal to the gaming community.
If you want to know her age, ask her.
Tips and Tricks can always be mailed to her in a private message on the forum.
If you need something or have any questions, you can always ask her.
She makes a good team with Great.
Also the brain behind a big part of our website's idea's.
Tips and Tricks is designed and written by her.
If you need a good teamplayer she is there to cover your back in war.